Kigali - Rwanda
East Africa 

Logistics Start-Up
2-6 Month Role
Stipend TBD


Ideal candidates are hands-on, quick learners, driven to make an impact with at least a few years professional experience.  We are open to different backgrounds and will scale your scope and responsibility according to your experience and capacities. What matters to us most is:

  1. Willingness to take ownership, 
  2. Ability to thrive under the intensity of a startup, and 
  3. Analytical rigour behind your decisions. 

In turn, you’ll be given unbridled exposure to a scaling social enterprise and a real responsibility in the pace of our growth and impact. (Also, Rwanda is awesome).

To Apply:

Please send your interest and resume to:


Founded in 2017, Kumwe is a logistics firm based in Kigali, Rwanda. With roots in MIT’s 2016 Supply Chain Management and Delta-V programs, Kumwe’s goal is to solve long-standing challenges in East Africa whilst providing real value and impact for people in the region. 

Our small team of local and international entrepreneurial doers are looking for three like-minded people to join us for the summer and help out in one of two business lines:

Kumwe Transport

Our launch business, Kumwe Transport is a commercial freight transporter operating in Africa. With an “Uber for Freight” model, we use our own innovative technology to drive efficiency and organisation into East Africa’s otherwise dysfunctional and expensive domestic freight market. Kumwe Transport quickly became Rwanda’s dominant domestic freight broker, owning a network of more than 600 trucks and moving 10,000 loads so far. 

We are preparing the model for export to surrounding countries, but first want fresh eyes and capable hands to review, formalise and streamline various parts of the business. Potential areas of work include finance, logistics operations, sales and marketing, human resources and technology development.  

Kumwe Harvest

In the course of offering transport, we found that local agro-processors were struggling to source local maize (corn) due to its low quality. Using our logistics know-how, we’ve designed a new post-harvest model to improve the quality of local maize. Aggregating and processing maize at a central facility in Kigali, we are able to provide high-quality maize to local agro-processors whilst offering cash-strapped farmers early payments. 

We’ve just finished an incredibly successful scaled-up pilot, supplying an agro-processor with more than 2,500 MT of locally sourced maize and increasing the incomes of our small-holder farmers by 70%. As a result, we’re now working to scale this model and help our current commercial partners source 100% of their maize locally. This involves everything from re-designing our processing facility, sourcing and installing the equipment, fundraising, negotiating strategic partnerships, creating robust data systems and much more. To top it off, we’re on a short timeline: we need to be ready to process again by fall of this year. 


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