Post-Harvest services

Kumwe is leveraging its expertise in trucking and logistics to solve long-standing post-harvest challenges in the agricultural sector in Rwanda.

After a series of pilots, Kumwe is now scaling up Kumwe Harvest: a ‘just-in-time’ aggregation and post-harvest process for maize which allows business to source the highest-quality maize from even the smallest farmer. This process nearly eliminates post-harvest losses, guarantees Grade 1 (<5ppb aflatoxin) maize, and facilitates early payment to cash-strapped farmers. Moreover, Kumwe’s process is optimized and highly efficient, reducing costs that now allow farmers to be paid more and buyers to pay less.

Kumwe is offering this model as a service to any agro-processors, traders, cooperatives, or individual farmers that want to reliably and efficiently get the highest quality maize from the farm to the factory.

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With Kumwe Harvest, 100% of our maize is accepted as Grade 1 with low-aflatoxin, reducing rejection rates of our buyers. we offer competitive prices for maize and efficient processing.  

Kumwe harvest reduces the time farmers spend on post-harvest processes, reducing farm losses whilst maximising the  quality of their produce.