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Domestic Transport

Kumwe is transforming freight transport in Rwanda with the introduction of the country’s first professional freight brokerage. Operating an Uber-like model, Kumwe manages a network of more than 350+ domestic transporters with whom we have carried 1,000s of loads throughout the country for clients large and small and across sectors.


With Kumwe, you’re not just using an app, not just hiring a truck. With every load, you hire a team operating 24/7 behind the scenes to make sure your cargo is moving and ready to assist with any additional needs. This is how we keep our promise to make transport simple, reliable, and efficient. This is how we have earned the repeat business of our clients. This is how we want to earn yours.


Features / Scope of Kumwe's domestic transport:

  • EQUIPMENT: Fleet covering all classes of trucks from pickups to double-trailer trucks, cranes to refrigerated vans. 
  • ROUTES: Single or multi-stop routes throughout the country. There is no place in Rwanda we will not go. 
  • TIMING: On demand booking and long-term planning. 
  • PAYMENT: Formal invoicing, EBMs and credit terms for our close partners. 
  • ON REQUEST: Cargo insurance, distribution planning, LTL transport and route optimization. 

Regional Transport


Freight transport in Africa is more complex than it should be. Kumwe makes it simple. When you need cargo moved, we manage the process end-to-end with our proprietary technology.

We are not just software. For each of your loads, a Kumwe agent is actively identifying and managing the optimal carriers, facilitating payments, pushing customs clearing and transit documentation, and is at all times ready to respond to your needs. The result is you spend no time or stress chasing trucks, clearing agents, etc. so you can focus on your actual business.

Kumwe’s service extends across Eastern and Southern Africa for full-truckload bookings.  While we don’t offer partial loads yet, if you need this service let us know and we can still try to help match you with others doing the same.


Post-Harvest services


Kumwe is leveraging its expertise in trucking and logistics to solve long-standing post-harvest challenges in the agricultural sector in Rwanda.

After a series of pilots, Kumwe is now scaling up Kumwe Harvest: a ‘just-in-time’ aggregation and post-harvest process for maize which allows business to source the highest-quality maize from even the smallest farmer. This process nearly eliminates post-harvest losses, guarantees Grade 1 (<5ppb aflatoxin) maize, and facilitates early payment to cash-strapped farmers. Moreover, Kumwe’s process is optimized and highly efficient, reducing costs that now allow farmers to be paid more and buyers to pay less.

Kumwe is offering this model as a service to any agro-processors, traders, cooperatives, or individual farmers that want to reliably and efficiently get the highest quality maize from the farm to the factory.

Too good to be true? Contact us at to find out more.




Kumwe’s team combines practical, on-the-ground experience of successfully running logistics across Eastern and Southern Africa with knowledge of the best-practices and latest supply chain advances from our alma-mater, MIT.

For African-based businesses, NGOs, or other institutions seeking supply chain innovations, contact Kumwe to see how we can help.